Gustavo Cordova / Art Director
New York, New York

Defend The Drop

Drawing from a range of award-winning work with water agencies and authorities throughout the area, ETA was to re-brand the outdoor water use conservation program, formerly known as iEfficient. To begin, the agency focused on channeling their creative energy into the development of a new name, Defend the Drop.

An energetic, yet educational sports theme shaped the campaign and collaborations with world-class animators, media and voice actors produced a plethora of video and digital content, urging viewers to take action and make water conservation a way of life. The four-month campaign, targeting all adult residents within San Bernardino county, begins in mid-February.  

Media placement and planning were a vital part of this campaign to spread brand awareness for the program and water-saving education. Digital and print billboards, movie theater ads, in-image and in-screen digital ads, bus tails and gas station television ads were just some of the media secured by the agency to promote Defend the Drop’s brand and mission.